Removing Default NAV2017 buttons from a Sub-page

We are currently upgrading a NAV2015 customer to 2017.

As part of the implementation we have a Card Page with a Section containing a Sub-Page which has Page Actions of its own. Some of these are NAV default like “Find” and others that we have added.


Having upgraded the database to 2017 we have found that the Page Actions have changed. The upgrade has introduced an “edit” button of its own along with a “View” and “New” button:


We would like to remove these three options, especially the “New” button which is dangerous as the client should only create new records for this sub-page via a button on the main Card Page itself via code we have written.

Looking at the Page Action design they do not appear in this list and therefore cannot be deleted from it. We attempted to remove the Page Actions altogether and re-add them however the unwanted buttons remain. We have attempted to change some of the properties on the sub-page and the sub-page area on the Card Page to give us more control, e.g. Editable = No, however these did not make a difference either.

I have searched here and on other forums but didn’t find a solution.

Is there a way to turn these new buttons introduced in 2017 off?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Edward,
Does your sub-page have a CardPageID? Try to remove it.
And what about the “InsertAllowed” and “ModifyAllowed” properties?