Removing A Radio Button Screen

A hot key was developed for exploding BOM’s. After entering a BOM then pressing a hot key, a screen pops up asking to either Copy dimensions from BOM or Retrieve dimension from components. We always copy dimensions from BOM’s. Is there a method to remove this screen and default always to “Copy dimensions from BOM”? Thank you [8D]

Just comment out the line of code, and har code the value you want.

Thanks, David. I’m looking at the Codeunits 51: BOM-Explode BOM and 63: Sales-Explode BOM trying to find the lines of code to change. Am I on the right track? Thank you. PS: The BOM Explosion is for Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

You probably have to look in table 37 “Sales Line”, Field “No.”, OnValidate trigger. Regards

Thank you! I’ll check it out this weekend.

After reading your posting a little closer I realize that I was mistaken, since you specifically mention a hotkey. You should, ofcourse, look in the OnPush trigger of the menuitem of said hotkey. If this hotkey has been applied to the standard fuctionality, “Explode BOM” then you should look in C/U 63 (Not C/U 51 which is used to explode BOM’s within BOM’s)

IN CU 63, find the code Selection := STRMENU(Text004,2); IF Selection = 0 THEN EXIT; and chage it to //>> Start - Remove the request function // Selection := STRMENU(Text004,2); // IF Selection = 0 THEN // EXIT; //<< End Selection := 1;

Thanks, David! Will do.

I posted the code in our test DB and everything works properly! Appreciate the help…

You’re welcome [:)]