Removal of Item

Is there anyway to remove/delete an item in NAV that has already been sold or purchased? Same thing with customers and vendors. When my current company moved to NAV, they never cleaned out there old files so we have all of this bloated information for no reason. When you try to delete an item it says it has ledger entries. Just trying to see if you can clean up the database. Thanks.

First of, the error message it is giving has more information than just “… has ledger entries…”.

You can delete items, as long as it is not present on any documents in the company like sales/purchase order etc. And finally all Item Ledger Entries for the item has to be closed , and fully invoiced. There are more criteria, but pressing F4 on the record will give you the specific error messages.

The complete error message is “You cannot delete Item XX because it has ledger entries in a fiscal year that has not been closed yet.” Does this mean when I close the current fiscal year I can delete things that are no longer needed? That would be really nice. What affect would this have though? Would I still be able to pull up an old invoice with this item on it?

Don’t delete item with item ledger entries, you might need that item card to print correctly reports. The best way is to block that item.

So there is no good way to remove items that your company may never ever sell again? I just think it is a waste and a hassle to users. Is there a way to hide the item? Any help would do, we block items now, but when going through list or anything else they are still there.

Users could add a filter to show only not blocked items. If you could ask your NSC to add a line of code to automatically filter blocked items when opening list form.

There is no problem at all in deleting items. Ok, you loose specific item-statistics, but that is about it.

Some requirements have to be met before you are allowed to delete an item: no open Item Ledger Entries, item not present on any order, …; try to delete, an error message tells you what is wrong.

When an item is deleted all that item’s Legder Entries are changed to contain “Item No.” = ‘’ (blank!). That means that the Item Ledger Entries are not removed. And posted documents containing the deleted item are not affected in any way.

Varoius standard reports do consider blank item no’s, e.g. 113 (Customer/Item Sales).

Btw - do not attempt to create an item with blank Item No; if you do, you will have problems in the Cost Adjust-batch and probably some other areas as well.

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Since the text based version of Navision you cannot create an item with a blank number. The application would not allow.

Of course you can (but shoukd not) “have” an item with a blank number; but then you have had inserted it without the application check (ItemRec.Insert(true)).


Just rename that item & block it. For example if the item name is “XYZ”, change it to “XYZ(BLOCKED)” & block that item card also.

Correct, Walter. INSERT(FALSE) is one way, and there are several ways to have blanks item-no’s when using dataport; ask me if I have experienced that…[:’(]