Remote user log

Hello All,

I am pretty new to NAV so please bare with me.

I am looking for a way to log when and how long users are connected to our NAV server. All users access the server remotely.

Is there something I can do to accomplish this?

Also, we are looking for a way to more easily give permissions/roles to people. As it is now, we have to sit with the user and have NAV open on our laptop to give them role/permissions as they run into errors while performing their duties. I have looked around and many people recommend Object Manager but our implementer said that it is no longer being produces.

I found a site with software called Easy Security and it looks like it is exactly what we need. Has anyone used this software before? It appears that you can click record, then do something like create a PO and it logs all roles/permissions that were accessed to accomplish the creation of the PO. Any other suggestions to accomplish what we are trying to do?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to DUG!!!

Have you tried with Client Monitor ?

It will give you the list of tables which is accessed by particular process/transactions which to make you to define the roles & permissions.