Remote access

Has anyone set up remote access into Navision using either a) Terminal Services or b) a VPN? and if you have what type of connection would you recommend (DSL, ADSL, fiber etc.)? The problem: We need to run a POS system, and the CRM module from a retail store, which is located on the other side of the city. The data coming back should be live, so a direct constant connection is required. I just don’t know how much data is transferred from the Navision Server to the client, therefore I don’t know what the best solution would be. Has anyone had any experience in this before? Thanks. Sandy

I would say that if you want to run Navision the normal client/server way from a remote destination via vpn you would at least require a 2Mbit connection for reasonable results and still this may not perform to your satisfaction in some circumstances. Citrix or Terminal-services should be preferred. Citrix requires as little as 20 Kbit bandwith per connection. We use Citrix and Navison in some places to our full satisfaction with 64Kbit ISDN.

I know that I’ve testing the Terminal Services from a dial up connection (44K), and it’s livable, not the best, but definatly “do-able” Thanks for you opinion.

We have been running 3-4 clients in Sweden from a Citrix Winframe server in Denmark (Navision Financials 2.01b) thru a 2 x 64Kbit ISDN with excellent performance during some years. For costs reasons it is interesting to use ADSL. Why not Citric on VPN/ADSL? giving the reduced demands for bandwith and better (costwise) performance? Gert Lettorp


Hope you can help me with this. We’re trying to setup remote access to nav using vpn. we have established the vpn connection and able to do remote desktop to the sql server using the private ip but…

the navision in the client side cannot connect to the nav database. error says, the server cannot be found.

what are the possible causes of this issue and how can it be resolved?

*we are able to PING the sql server while connected using the vpn

Thanks a lot