Remote access through internet

Is it posible for a Navision user to access the application over the internet ? How is this done ?

Yes. With Navision running via TCPIP you can actually access you Navision server directly or more secure (and often faster) you can use a Citrix server. Or you can use Navision User Portals.

Check out the product called Desktop 2001. It needs W2K to run at the back office, all other operations work in the IE browser. Alex


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Check out the product called Desktop 2001.

Dear Alex, Could you be a little more specific? I am experimenting with direct acces to the Navision database through our VPN. This is no problem, however, it isn’t very fast (Cable 512/512 <-> ADSL 256/256). Is this product you’re talking about faster? And where can I find it? p.s.: I know that Terminal Server (which I use until now) always works faster, but then I lack te possibility of making a remote backup or file transfer, for example.

If you want to use navision via a browser then you can user portal or commerce portal or just asp pages using c/odbc or c/front and if you want to use navision itself then you can work on VPN or citrix, but you can not put your database on the server if web hosting is done by other ISP, navision should be installed on the web server to access the navision database.

Here is the link to the Spec Sheet: You can download a 30 day trial to play with. All you need is the Terminal Server (i.e. W2000 server) Then, just follow instructions to set it up, and access it via your web browser. I used it to work in the system over a 28.8 K dialup and it was fast! Alex

A couple of years I’ve used VNC (virtual network computer) by Olivetti Labs. It was like Terminal Server, but any win32 pc could be made server or client. It was free and lite-weight. Don’t know about security, for I used it in LAN for remote administration.

Hi Erik,

Can you please tell me how to use Citrix server or user portal to access navision through internet.