Reminder level - reset?

Hi all,

Is it possible to reset a reminder level in Reminder/Fin. Charge Entry to avoid the Cust. Ledger Entry from being reminded again? It sometimes occurs that we send a reminder by mistake (miscalculated due date) and we do not want to send a second reminder. Only changing the due date doesn’t seem to do the trick.

We are using 3.70.


Hi, if I understand you correctly, you have created a reminder and then issued this reminder (by mistake). Now you are doing a next reminder run, and the open reminder comes up again, this time with a higher reminder level. But you would like to be able to change the first reminder (or the Cust. Ledger Entry) beforehand, so that the second reminder does not come up now, but in a later reminder run.

I don’t think this can be done in the standard application, for that you would have to ask your Solution Center for a change in code.

You could however scan the second Reminder run, before you issue the reminders, and delete the ones that should not come up.

Hi ,

I actually meant that we posted an invoice with a due date, let’s say, the same as the posting date. However, it should have been posting + 30D. We discover the error after issueing the first reminder. Then we change the due date in the ledger entry, but we cannot ‘kill’ the posted reminder. Result: the next reminder run, the ledger entry will again be reminded!


if you zoom in the Cust. Ledger Entry, you will find a field “Last Issued Reminder Level”. If there is any level, the reminder will be generated.

Hi Daniel,

You’re correct, but I’m not allowed to change this field. That is to say, not if I’m acting as a humble end user…

Hi Michiel,

yes, that’s correct, and the reason why I suggested to let your Solution Center have a look…


Without any coding you could go into the customer ledger entry, go to the on hold flag and anter something in the field. This will put the invoice on hold and you will not see it generated on a reminder even though you have generated a reminder already.

Of course you have to remember to take it off hold at the appropriate time! [:)]

Hi Steve,

Very pragmatic. Should I even empty the ‘On Hold’ field afterwards? I can post payments, I think, so what would be the disadvantage of leaving the field filled?


Hi Michiel

No disadvantage except it would not appear on the “next” reminder run so you may never remind them again! [:D]