Remaining Quantity must be 112 in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.='250'.

Hi all,

We are in the process of changing the price on PO01-00002. It has already been released but we want to “undo shipment” and then reprocess it at the correct price.
Sales Order SO01-00001 has 1 case of product from this PO that was also released (“shipped”). I already went in and did the “undo shipment” for the sales order. However, once I go back to the PO, it still says it cannot undo shipment because “Remaining Quantity must be 112 in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.=‘250’.”

I’m not sure why I’m getting this error as I have already undone the shipment of the 1 case (6 pieces) that were on SO01-00001. I also went into the Application Worksheet under Financial Management ->Inventory->Costing and tried to remove the applying entry. It will remove the entry but as I close the screen it says it will automatically reapply any open entries and I cannot get it to leave the association open. I have also tried deleting the entire line item from SO01-00001 thinking that the issue was there. It will not let me change it. I also cannot change any of the appl-to line #'s on the associated item tracking lines for the PO or SO.

We are on NAV 5.0

Please let me know what I need to do to undo shipment on the PO and reprocess it at at the correct price of $100 per case ( 6 pieces to 1 case).

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