Releasing Product to legal entites

Hi All,

How to release products to legal entities by using the following scenario…?

Companies that have its company’s number sequence with Area = Product management, and Refererence = Product number and Stopped = No.

Please provide the useful suggestions…

Do you mean releasing with code?

Can you add more details on it and why do you want to do that?

Hi Kranthi,
Yes kranthi…I have to release the products using x++ code based on the above mentioned condition…

Can you also answer my other questions?


About the condition for releasing the product and why do you want to do that?

I want to change the product release process(company selection) and it is the task assigned to me…

Any sugesstions…?

Not clear about requirement on releasing the products.
But this class is responsible for releasing products to legal entities, \Classes\EcoResProductReleaseManager

Thanks…Can you please tell me how can we relate numbersequences with companies…?

This is what i didn’t understand? May be you explain with an example.

Hi Kranthi,

Pls see the below image,

For the Company CEU,The Area and Referrence combination exists…I want to get the list of companies which has the same …

Hi Kranthi,
Any suggestions…? or Still not clear…?

Product number is having shared scope and it will not be company specific.
This is SQL query generated with those selections,
SELECT ‘x’ FROM NumberSequenceReference(NumberSequenceReference) WHERE NumberSequenceTable.RecId = NumberSequenceReference.NumberSequenceId EXISTS JOIN ‘x’ FROM NumberSequenceDatatype(NumberSequenceDatatype) WHERE NumberSequenceReference.NumberSequenceDatatype = NumberSequenceDatatype.RecId AND ((Module = 70)) AND ((DatatypeId = 11846))

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for your reply…But it still confusing…Any other suggestions…?

What confusion do you have? Product is not company specific, so you will not have company specific number sequence for product number.

Hi Kranthi,
Okay thanks…How to release the product to all the companies…?

Any suggestions…?

Use \Classes\EcoResProductReleaseManagerBase\releaseProduct (it takes legal entity as parameter)