Release to warehouse on Production orders leads to nothing

Hi all, this is my first topic discussion, hope I selected the right category for this problem.
When I create a production order , if I try to release it to the warehouse (production control_production orders_all production orders_wizard tab warehouse_release to warehouse) so to create the works and do the raw material picking, instead of doing those things, when I click the button nothing happens.
I am new to D365FO so going around the system I don’t know where to search to find a solution. Is it maybe some setup problem? Have anyone ever encountered this?
Thank you so much for replying to this topic in advance!

Hi Dans!
Probably you have a setup issue.
Try checking this:

  • Work template for Raw material picking, are created
  • Location directive For raw material picking is created
  • Wave template for production is created.

Here is an example on setting up Raw material picking:


Hope it helps

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Additionally, using this function relies on the inventory be reserved to the production order first. The reservation can happen manually or as part of your Production order status updates. You will want to verify the settings in Production Control > Setup > Production Control parameters

This link has some details of the overall process: Release production orders - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

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