relationship between tables in Nav 2015

How to make schema table for NAV 2015?

How can I link the tables based on their primary keys?

Should I use SQL server queries to create new tables and link them using primary keys ?

Not quite sure what you’re trying to do here. But if you are thinking about “improving” the NAV database from SQL or what is it that you need?
In NAV relationships between tables are not handled by SQL, but by NAV. You develop everything directly in NAV.

What if I had to use certain tables from Nav and I made those same tables in SQL( with same PKs) ?

I am not allowed to work on Nav development .

I am working on making a data warehouse based on these tables below.But I need to know the ER diagram for these.
Item Ledger Entry
Purch. Inv. Header
Purch. Inv. Line
Purchase Header
Purchase Line
Sales Comment Line
Sales Header
Sales Invoice Header
Sales Invoice Line
Sales Line
Sales Shipment Header
Sales Shipment Line
Ship-to Address
Planned Production Orders


I have found one for some older version but most of the information is valid.…/view

Also check this one.…/hh893827(v=nav.71).aspx

To fully understand Dynamics NAV and build reports based on the information it provides you should first use it.
It’s very tricky to build data warehouse/cubes.

There is also another solution which sets up data warehouse automatic.
Jet Enterprise.

maybe it helps

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Microsoft dynamics is mainly driven my the development Environment. The changes you make there are then synchronized to the SQL tables. Synchronization is the process of ensuring that the tables and their structure in Nav is the same as that in SQL.

So whats the problem with making changes in SQL? Synchronization is one way, From Nav to SQL. This effectively means that changes made on sql cannot be automatically replicated in nav. This results in SQl synchronization errors when you open the Role tailored client thus rendering the application unusable


Gideon Rono

I have created E/R diagrams for Navision 4.0 (

…and NAV 2016: