Relation between Sales Table and EcoresproductTranslation Tables

Hi ,

I am working on Ax 2012 R2

I have requirement that when we create new sales order -->Add Line -->product and Supply -->Configure Line

After clicking on configure line below form will open

After selecting the values in the above form if we click on ok it will create product variant for that particular item

Released products -->open the item which is mentioned sales line -->Product Variants as below

Now what I have to do is the description that is displaying in the just above variants form I need to update it in sales line textbox(

I need to this after clicking on Ok button of the configure line form.

Kindly assist if anybody knows …I could not find any relation between please help.

Thanks In advance

There is no relation between salesTable and EcoResProductTranslation. To get the EcoResProductTranslation you need to have the product and the language id. SalesTable has the language id field and SalesLine has the item Id( field (from itemId you can get the product).
To know how the name is set on salesLine, have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\initName.