Relation between G_L entry and Vendor Ledger Entry

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I an Working on Travel Expense Report where my main Transaction table is G_L Entry table

Now the problem is In G_L Entry Table i need to add Related vendor names and Employee names with Each Entry.

For this i was previously using the source name column to find out the vendor names but here some entries are present which donot have any source name linked with it so no vendor is coming.

Now here i am seeing a field called Source type which sets to 0 where source name is not given and sets to 2 where source name is given and also a flag field present named as Employee which sets to 0 for source type 0 and 1 for source type 2

i want to know what can be the relation possible with these entries to another tables and what would be those tables.

And also i want to know what is the relation between vendor ledger entry table and G_L entry table.

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Which version is Navision You are using ?

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Navision Financials 2.60A

HI Poornima,

SOurce type 0 is nothing

1 is Customer

2 is vendor

3 is Bank Account

4 is Fixed Asset

You can find the source numbers in the respective master tables except for source type 0 which will never have a source number filled in.

Let me know if i am clear enough…!



Yes Thanks Anil,

So what do we mean by Source type 0 means does it indicates something,

and I have Employee flag also which is 0 for source type 0 and 0 or 1 for source type 2

what this flag indicates and from which table can i find its value…



Yes it indicates from which table is the source no populated,

The employee flag your are talking about might have been a customized one… i have no idea if this field is part of standard navision.



Means No Table can have the values regarding source type 0 entry.

Means no customer or vendor is linked with these entries.

Please confrm.