Relation between CustPackingSlipTrans,SalesParmLine tables in Ax2009

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We are working on Ax2009.
These are the records found in CustInvoice jour Table










I knew that in every update one unique Id i.e Parm Id will be created in the SalesParmTable.
According to dat every Parm Id should associate with unique Packing slip number as in one post we can’t create more than one Packing slip number.
Is there any chance to have 1:n relation between ParmId, PackingSlipNumber in an un customized Axapta.
If there is 1:n relation between ParmId, PackingSlipNumber .then how can we have 1:1 relation between CustPackingSlipTrans,SalesParmLine tables as we need do map these two tables uniquely.
Can anyone point me in the right direction on this concern?
Thanks in advance

Why do you think you can’t post multiple packing slips in one posting? You can go add multiple orders (e.g. all picked) and post them at once (possibly grouping them by Summary update for) or even let in happen in batch.

You see that there were orders S1 and S2 included in P1 and you got a packing slip for each of them.

Hi krishna,

How it is possible for same the same sales order !! creating a two packing slips !!

Its not possible. How do we map these two tables !!

Sorry, I somehow thought I saw S1 and S2…

It definitely is possible - for example, if you’re delivering lines to different addresses, you want multiple packing slips.

hi martin,parimal

thanks for speedy reply.

Couly you please give me confirmation in below concern

  1. relation between ParmId, PackingSlipNumber is 1:n or 1:1

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As I explained and as you see in your data, you can have many journals created from a single posting, therefore it’s 1:n relation.


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