Register your Dynamics NAV Add-on

The Dynamics NAV Add-on Catalog is the newest addition to the Dynamics User Group. The add-on catalog is open for all ISV’s and partners to register their add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, both verticals and horizontals (industry solutions).

The catalog will allow the users quickly to find add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, without having to change to a different site. And opposed to the official Dynamics NAV solution finder, then you will also be able to find add-on’s which does not come from the official Microsoft partners. An example on this could be Dynamics NAV Freelancers, who are not officially Microsoft partners, but very often have even very advanced Dynamics Add-ons.

You find the add-on catalog in the main navigation menu of DUG.

How to register?

To be allowed to submit your Add-on to the add-on catalog, then you need to be a member of the Dynamics NAV Add-on’s Group. But all members of DUG can join directly from the group. Once registered you can click the “Submit Add-on” button.

First upload your add-on’s logo or a picture showing what your add-on is all about.

When you register your add-on then you must write a full description of the add-on and always include:

  • Dynamics NAV Versions Supported
  • Languages Supported
  • Countries/Regions Available
  • How to buy/Sales channel (direct, resellers, other, mixed)
  • Number of implementations total/last 12 months

Using the “Insert Media” button, you can attach documents like fact sheets and brochures etc. directly to your submission. But you can also insert screen shots of from your solution.

You are allowed to submit your add-on in other languages than English, but you must always include the text in English first in your submission.

You should always tag your solution with the keywords such as “Project Management, Budget Management, Collection Management” etc, as this the best way for the users to find and catagorise your solution.

All submissions are moderated, that means that content is edited by the moderator, or deleted if it doesn’t fullfill the requirements (like if the add-on is not really for Dynamics NAV). Especially the tags will be edited.

If you later want to change something in your submission, then you can just go back into your add-on page and select “Edit”.


Once submitted your always allow the members to write small reviews of your add-on.