Regarding 'Posted Sales Invoices' Amount field.


I will show u by taking a example in base navision.

Ex. For suppose if i open a purchase order. Then in that i will be opening Order-Purchase List. In this at ‘Amount field’ if i press drill down button here ‘Purchase Lines’ form is opening.

In the same way i want this in ‘Posted Invoices’. Here i will be opening ‘Posted Invoices’ then in this i will be opening ‘Posted Sales Invoices’ . Here in this at ‘Amount field’ if i press drill-down button here. I want in the same way of above scenario.I want to see where all invoices are braking. It should not open a posted sales invoice order here.

Plzz help me in getting this solution.

Thanks in advances…

Set “Posted Sales Invoice Lines” in Sales Invoice Line table’s LookupFormID and DrillDownFormID properties.

Hello Mohana

The solution which u have given was not working. Can u once again check it and tell me the solution plzzz.

Thank U

it worked for me…

what did u do?

Thank Q very much mohana…

It was working.

It has worked after once removing ‘Amount Feild’ from posted sales invoice form and then again added to posted sales invoice form.

Thank Q


Please verify the post which solved your problem…