regarding number sequnce group

Hi, I have attached a number sequence group to a customer id. I have also specified the number sequences for sales order for those number sequence groups. But when I raise a sales order for a particular customer. The sales order number is different from the sequence group i attached to the customer. How can I solve this? I have attached the number sequence for sales order for both the groups. Now,which number sequence do i need to attach in the parameters of accounts receivable for the sales order. thanks and regards, giridhar raj.

The sales order will be the sales order from the parameters - you cannot have customer specific sales order numbers. You can have customer specific invoices etc by setting a number sequence group against a customer, but this is a posted number reference. How have you attached it to a different customer as a sales order number - please describe your settings.

I have activated group enabled for sales order number sequence group and has given number sequences for sales order for two different groups and attached it in the customer form->Setup Tab-> Number Sequence group field. I thought, the way we get the invoice number sequence attached to different groups, will be the same process to get number sequence based on customer. If this is not possible can u give me a solution by which I must get sales order number based on number sequence group attached to customer.

In the number sequence group you have assigned to your customer you have a referfence tab - the reference tab defines the module, reference and number sequence to be used - when you say you have “activated” it for sales order, what option did you choose in the module? There is no standard way to get a customer driven sales order number - please note you create a sales order THEN add the customer - so how would you propose this is achieved? If necessary you would need to write an appropriate modification.


can u explain the use of the Number sequence group, as we can not assign the diff sales order no format to diff customer…please if u explain the whole reason.

It does not work for sales order, only invoice, otherwise they are one central repository.


canu explain it in little detail (one central repository) please…

and one more thing what is origin in commission calculation what is the use of it…

One central repository means there is one number sequence for all invoices. Next invoice gets the next number.

I suggest you post new questions as a new post for clarity, but from the help Origin is: Specify the percentage base with which to calculate the amount of the commission. Together with the calculation method in the Discount, the percentage basis entered in this field is used to calculate the size of the commission.