Reg: Ledger distributions in posting profile of GRN and Invoce

Hi All,

I have a small problem in GRN posting and Po invoice posting My requirement is this:

During GRN →

  1. Inventory Items should be updated cost amount but with out TAX

  2. Product receipt note → should be Credit.

Once I do My Vendor Invoice

  1. Product receipt Note → Debit (GRN account should be 0)

  2. Vendor balance → Line amount + Tax (Not appearing in my trail balance)

3)Inventory debit → Without Tax(working correctly)

could any of you please suggest me how can i use my Posting profiles in this requirement.



Hi all,

I am facing the above issue in AX 2012 R2 (Cu6).

Thanks ,


Apologies what you want is not clear what actually is your issue? Yes GRN will post without tax to the configured inventory asset and GRNI account, and yes the invoice will include tax (if configured) to post to the creditors account, reversing GRNI and updating inventory. Partly depends upon costing method etc. Why not post your GL postings and define what is wrong?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply and The problem is

  1. While GRN

Two Ledger accounts are updating.

  1. Product receipt - Debit

  2. PO expenditure ,uninvoiced - Credit

along with this my INVENTORY cost price should be updated along with GRN without Tax.

2)Once I do Invoice

1)Product receipt and Po expenditure,uninvoiced will be → 0(Zero) -->Working fine

  1. Inventory ledger account → Debit (Working fine)

  2. Po expenditure,Invoiced → Credit (Working fine)

4)Vendor balance → credit (Not appearing in Trail Balance)

  1. Posted sales Tax along with the Invoice → ( Not appearing In Trail balance)

Could you please suggest me how can I modify my posting profiles as per this requirement.

Thanks ,


Configure the posting group to post the receipt to the inventory asset account (Product Receipt posting), it is then reversed when the invoice is processed and reprocessed at the invoiced cost. If you want inventory impacted you need to post to inventory.

I do not know if you are actually posting the invoice, but if it has ledger transactions it will appear in the TB assuming you dont filter it out of course. Look at the ledger transactions against the posted invoice, then check how you run the TB.

The posting groups are yours to configure as required.