Refresh issue in the parent form when i change the child form with the same table as datasource

dear friend, I have 2 forms 1)parent form - same table as datasource - fields in a grid 2)child form - same table as datasource- fields like a normal form when i click any record in parent it shows the particular record in child form But the changes made in the child form is only displayed in the parent form after doing refreshing the form or F5 how to refresh the form parent form once the child form is closed and the data are shown automically without hitting refresh button. Where shuold we write the code to refresh


Try the following on the close() method of your child form:

public void close()


FormDataSource fds;

InventTable InventTable_ds;//your parent form for example


InventTable_ds = element.args().record();



fds = InventTable_ds.dataSource();







hope it helps, please verify solution if it solves your problem



You have many options. For example, you can do it in close() method of the child form. Get a reference to the parent form (this.args().caller()) and call its methods.