Refresh a TextBox (he must show a status during import from Excel)

Hi everyone,

i’ve created a textbox and assign i’t value to global variable called Form_TextBoxValue.

Then I do import of data from Excel.

The idea is to show the status of import (row number) in textbox. However, when I change the value of Form_TextBoxValue in code, the textbox remins the same until the import is finished.

I also noted that form itself does not reply to any requests, untill import is finished.

So the question is: can I see the value of Form_TextBoxValue on the form during import?

Check how WINDOW Dialog is used in Import Budget from Excel report…

I’m not sure what you mean.

Open file dialog:

MyFilePath := MyOpenFileDialog.OpenFile(‘Please select the file for uploading’,’’,2,’’,0);


MyFilePath - local string variable;

MyOpenFileDialog - local variable, that points to the “Common Dialog Management”

OpenFileDialog window opens and closes quickly and without any problems.

Lets say you want have 10 lines to import…

then you want to show the line no. which is importing…right?


the problem is that I have approximately 2000 lines to import.

I want the textbox to display current row of import process (i.e. the status).


Check how WINDOW Dialog is used in Import Budget from Excel report…(report id-81)

I am not talking about Common dialogue management…