Refresh a grid in a form

Hi, I’d like to know how I can refresh a grid. The situation is : I have many records in a form(A), and, in another form (B) I can add the same kind of record. When I have finish adding new record in form(B) I want form(A) to be refreshed in order to present the new record ? Regards.

  1. When you want to clear data from Form(A), delete the data from the table (tableA) associated with that form. Then run the code tableA_ds.execute(). Grid will be refreshed. 2. If it is not possible to delete data from tableA, put a ‘Refresh_Tag’ column in tableA. Instead of deleting the data, put the value of ‘Refresh_Tag’ column ‘yes’ and run the code tableA_ds.execute() putting the condition Refresh_tag != ‘yes’; I think, i hv correctly understood your problem and this will help you. Regards