Reference book for Navision

Anyone can advise a reference book better than the Application Designer’s Guide for Navision development? The section for C/AL in this guide and in the online help are both very brief. I need a completed reference book with more examples as I am new to C/AL. For example, I can’t find any description for -= and +=. I can guess what are they but a good reference book will be very handy.

C/AL is mostly a mix between Pascal & C++. -= , += sintaxis: number1 -= number2 or numerical expression; number1 += number2 or numerical expression; equivalent: number1 := number1 - (number2 or numerical expression); number1 := number1 + (number2 or numerical expression); Description: number1 += number2 is a short way for writing number1 += number1 + number2; It’s commonly used on C/C++. the same but with the minus simbol for -= Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

+= and -= is not officially supported. Ok, it works most of the time, but you should not use it. In older versions, the += did work on text and code fields. But in Attain they don’t. The same thing can happen for other datatypes in future releases.

Hi April. Navision documentation and online is not very friendly to use new comers. It´s Internet sights like this that have been of greater help. One tip that has helped me is the documentation by ‘C/AL Functions by Category’. I found this a little miss leading at first because it displays nicely these ‘BLOB CODEUNIT, DATABASE, DATAPORT, DIALOG, FILE, FORM, REPORT, SYSTEM’ categories. But the Category on Date Functions, Language Functions, Numeric Functions, Operating System Functions, String Functions, Variable Functions where all under system category. Regards Graham. CBS Sverige AB +46(0)8 764 74 25