Record Link table

Hello all,

I am trying to create a SSRS report. I am using Record Link to extract notes. The Record ID field has hexadecimal characters when you open the table from SQL server. I have tried my best to convert it to something meaning full through SQL query but field. I am not trying to replace the data in it just I want to filter data on this field but its all in hexadecimal.

Please how I can solve this problem? Any ideas? In NAV the data is meaning full but the type of this field is varbinary in SQL. I tried to convert varbinary to varchar but failed.


I recently posted this about the dataformat for the Notes:…/

Thanks but this is not answer to my question I am afraid. I am not interested at the moment about Notes field. I am interested in Record ID field which is of type varbinary and I need to query it by SQL. Problem is its hexadecimal. If I am trying to change it to varchar or in readable form it fails and bring some other characters. Although there is a way in SQL to change varbinary to varchar.

Please help thanks.