Record deletion through Import in excel


I have a table with unique key with 4 fields - they are the only fields in this table. And I have data entity for this table with 1 main ds and 3 child read-only ds (related to main by recIds).

Import and update through data management for this entity works perfectly, but when I try to delete record through Open in Excel functionality I get the error “The deletion of a row in data set XXX was not published. Error message: ‘No resources were found when selecting for update.’”. And the same when I’m updating the record in excel (as system doesn’t update, actually, in this case, it creates new record and deletes the old one, and deletion causes error). I tried to override deleteEntityDataSource method on the entity to avoid this problem, but that didn’t work. Could somebody help me to fix this issue, is it possible?

You’re testing your data entity via OData web service called from Excel. Maybe we could make the test case simpler.

First of all, what if you delete a record in your entity via X++? Does it work?

Then you could also test the OData service directly (that’s a bit more complex, therefore it makes sense especially if you already have some experience with it).

Hi Martin, thank you for your answer. via X++ I can delete the records using this entity, even without overriding the deleteEntityDataSource method. Unfortunatelly, I’m not familiar with OData, so I can’t try this option, but seems that the issue is only when I’m using Open in excel - so with OData. Is it possible to do something with that?

You could also Fiddler (or something like that) to monitor communication between Excel and F&O. It might reveal something useful.

Solved by manual deletion of the record in deleteEntityDataSource and returning false from it. Not sure if there is better solution, but this one works.


Do you mind sharing your code for this solution? I am experiencing the same issue and cannot seem to resolve it.