Record check number when payment registration, and during payment to vendors

Hi all,

My client’s business involves receiving cash/manual check from customers, then in many cases, use the same checks to pay vendors or deposit into bank account.

I’ve looked all over the place for resources regarding receiving checks from customers, and couldn’t think of a way to do it.

Basically, my client needs to be able to record the incoming check number (issued by customer) during payment registration (which by default will deposit the check amount into the “check” bank account). Many of these physical checks are then kept on hand to pay for vendors or deposit into bank accounts.

  1. Deposit into bank account: They would do a general journal to deposit from the “check” banking account to the actual bank account through using 2 lines. This part i’ve figured out. However, is there a place to record the check number so it can be tracked?

  2. Use to pay vendors: Using payment journal - preferred vendor payment, is there a place to record the check number so I could look up a check number and see its history? (For instance, showing that we received check from customer A> Deposited into Bank Account X)