reconciling a voided check

Nav version 4.0 SP3, (or from the old version 3.10)

I would like to reconcile a voided check when I’m closing the month.

Heres is a sample of how the lines look like on the Bank Account Ledger Entries page,

If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Trans.Date Doc.No. Check No. Type Desc State.Amount Applied Amount Diff Applied Entries
08/31/06 , 2069 Bank Account Ledger Entry FLEXO CO, -23,927.50 -23,927.50 0.00 1
08/31/06 , 2069 Bank Account Ledger Entry Voiding check 2069. 23,927.50 23,927.50 0.00 1


When you run the reconciliaiton do they appear? If so why not select both entries as reconcilled then?

What country version are you on as I believe for example the US process is different to the UK and this may have a bearing (but probably not).

Thanks for your response, I am using the US ver

When I select both lines I can delete them, and continue with the recon, but I really don’t whant them appearing every month on the rec. Someone told me I could select and apply one line to the other and they will void each other and I don’t know how to do that. Any suggestions?


In the US version do you tick transactions as reconcilled? I am not sure why you cannot do they same with these - think of them as a standard transaction and reconcile them in this manner!