Recommended Object Cache Size 4.0 SP3 - SQL 2000 - Citrix Metaframe 4.5


whats the Recommended Object Cache Size for this Installation:

NAV 4.0 SP3 - Database on SQL 2000 SP4 - Client run on Win 2003 Server SP2 with Citrix Metaframe Presenatation Server 4.5

thanks in advance


Are you referring to the object cache you’re setting in the NAV clients?

You are right - i mean the object cache from the NAV SQL Client


Well, as the “Object Cache” is used to store the binary information of the NAV objects, read from table “Object” (here explicitly the field “BLOB Reference”), the maximum size could be the total size of all objects. As a rule of thumb one could say, if you export all objects into a FOB, the file size is supposedly the max. size of the “Object Cache”.

But of course, not all objects are used by each NAV client. Thus, usually the edafauklt setting (32MB) is quite OK, but if you encounter problems - reading a lot from the “Object” table, you may increase that value …



Hi Jörg,

thanks a lot for your detailed answer.