Reclassify Fixed Asset Error Message: Acquisition Cost must not be negative on 10/31/2013 for Fixed Asset No. = 300041 in Depreciation Book Code = Book

Hello and any help is sincerely appreciated. I am trying to reclassify an asset. I ran the FA Reclass. journal and when I attempt to post the entry using the FA G/L Journal, I get the following error message:

Acquisition Cost must not be negative on 10/31/2013 for Fixed Asset No. = 300041 in Depreciation Book Code = Book

I changed the amount of the entry, such that I was able to post, but I was left with a $0.01 book value and acquisition cost in the Fixed Asset Card. I tried to run the FA G/L journal again to transfer the final penny, but got the same error.

Overall, from an accounting perspective, the difference is immaterial, but I am worried about why this error has happened and I hope it can be solved in case anybody else runs into the error in the future. Also, I cannot delete the asset until the asset is disposed. I haven’t tried a disposal entry for the last penny, so I don’t know if the error would keep reoccurring.

Any insights would be super helpful.

I have attached screen shots.

Hello my Dynamic friends [;)]

I have solved my problem!! However, the solution actually came from Waleed Awny from a different forum website (see link at the bottom).

Here is what happened. Whoever originally imported the data to NAV imported with a rounded number. Therefore, even though my balance appears to be $0.01, in the FA Ledger entry table, the value was actually like .009999999999 or something (rounded off). Therefore, when I try to credit acquisition cost for $0.01, it triggers the error message.

Here is the solution:

  1. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment program.
  2. Click Ctrl + F (or click the edit drop-down menu and select find).
  3. Type “FA Ledger Entry” and select the line and click run to open your FA Ledger Entry page.
  4. Find the ledger entry that needs to be changed (in my case, the original acquisition cost for fixed asset 300041).
  5. Delete the values in the following columns and retype the values again to the nearest penny ($0.01): Amount, Debit Amount, Amount (LCY).
  6. Click OK
  7. Go to the FA G/L Journal and click refresh, and post the transaction.
  8. In the future, when importing data from Excel, be careful that the values are rounded when importing to FA Journal. Apparently, since the FA Journal does not have G/L integration, there doesn’t appear to be any setup option to round values in the FA Journal.

Here is the link to where I found the solution. This solution should work with any error messages about rounding amounts.

Screenshots Error Solution.pdf (463 KB)