Reciveing Error Code 2186

Hi! We have a Navision(2.01D) Server Runing in Paris. On the Machine (WIN NT4.0) is also Veritas Backup running, every night the backup system has to stop the navision service and after the backup has finished it has to start the service again. Stopping the service causes no problem but starting the service again causes the Error Code 2186 We have also a second navision server running in Hamburg with “nearly” the same configuration without any problems. Maybe anyone here has a good suggestion how to solve our problem. yours sincerly Ufuk Altinkaynak --------------------------------- moved from “NF - Technical Forum” Edited by - rmotzer on 2001 Jul 09 09:57:12

While I dont have an answer for that problem, we have always used the Open File option for whatever backup software was being used at the time and this just backs up the FDB file without a problem. Ill be interested to hear about the real answer for the 2186 issue. Are you running the service as normal or running server.exe with all the appropriate parameters. Maybe that would work better? Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

You should uninstall the service. Delete all zup-files. Then install the service again (with installasservice …) and type in every parameter that you want to set to a certain value. And check out if your cache size is appropriate. This error seems to show up when the cache size (that is stored in the registry) is too big (don’t ask me when the cache-size is too big, it should work up to 1 GB). Maybe the problem shows up, if the cache-size is bigger then the available physical memory. Just try. __________________________________ btw., i’m going to move this topic to the “ERROR-Section” in a few days :wink: Edited by - rmotzer on 2001 Jul 03 15:02:20