Recieving Error

In AX 2009, we are processing a purchase order receipt via item arrival.

The lines successfully validated and posted.

When doing the functions → packing slip, the following error occurs.

Returned quantity exceeds the updated physical quantity.

Any help with the cause and resolution is appreciated.



Look at the select registered in the drop menu, before you hit ok button in the posting > packing slip window.

We tracked down the cause and solution to the problem. Here is a summary.

An item was partially received and invoiced.

Then some quantity was returned via negative receipt.

We were attempting to receive more against the po to no avail.

We ran the invoice process over the return and then the receiving was able to process.

Hi john,

i am also facing the same problem. but am not clear that how you resolved it.

please explain me that how to over come this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj Nath