Recgonised User

I had re-installed AX 09 on the server. And created a New DB. i have the following issues…

  1. its not allowing me to restore the backup of old DB to New DB??

  2. Whenever I click AX icon its shows the following msg

“you are not a recognized user in dynamics ax”

please reply me what can be done…

Thanks in Advance

create the user in the user list and enable it.

From where should i create a new user??..I m unable to open AX…

You restored the database???

If not how the system/AOS server identify you???

When you restoring the database waht is the message showing???


You didnt mention that " you cant open the ax in server or local machine"

In server,

  1. if you get the error. you must open the ax with the user that installed the AX

  2. Re- install the AX when the installation screens like one below

select the above option

In local machine

  1. Go to server open the AX and browse to Company → administration → users open the form then create new user (you must be a domain user to register this)

then you good to go. make sure ax configurations in administration tools

About restoring the database

  1. there is one option overrite the database, check like the below one