Receiving Free issue material for an Order


Using Production Orders with routing operations etc.

A customer places an order and sends an amount of free issue material for the operations to be performed on.

So, Product A is made from material B (Which is free issued without the need for a purchase order).

Do I still add the Material to the Production BOM and set it to manual flush ?

Basically, the warehouse needs to expect to receive material as ‘goods in’ for the Production order without raising a PO.

I think this is fairly common in manufacturing. What is the best way to do this in NAV 2013 ?


Dave K.

From a academic point of view, it would be ideal to create another inventory group account called free material and take in such items at a near zero value (system may not accept zero value). This will also not impact with same type of material B inventory which you purchase for stock (avg. costing is thus not affected). Another advantage is that you have a track that material was given. Then follow normal process.

Second option would be to track the item in excel and ensure such material is not taken in BOM at all. Not a good option for tracking.