Receive Item on PO - Error: Reservation Entry does not Exist Positive=No

Version: BC Cloud 22.2
Have a PO with 7 items that need to be received.
PO was created via requisition worksheet.
Only 3 out of 7 of the items on this PO are giving an error when posting Receive.
Default for all Items is Order Tracking Policy = No.
Error: The Reservation Entry does not exist. Identification fields and values: Entry No.=‘40187’,Positive=‘No’
From the PO I open Reservation Entries for each item. Only reservation for each of the items with error is with Reservation Status: “Tracking”
On the PO, can not Zero out the Qty of these items, or delete the lines as receive same Error message.

Any ideas to troubleshoot?

What I suspect happened is Sale Orders (or some other outbound transactions) were reserved against those PO lines. Then those transactions were posted using different inventory without first canceling these reservations. Resulting in the PO reservations being orphaned. Yes, reservations isn’t perfect.

Have you tried to cancel the reservations from the PO? if that don’t work, you may need to have a developer create a process-only report to remove those reservations from table 337.

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