Receivables-Cash Receipt Journal

I get this error when i try posting this journal:" The signage on amounts entered is opposite of what is valid for this document type." Any help on what this means?


Welcome to Dug.

Which localization you are using?

Check with Debugger that whether it is a standard error or customized…

When posting the Cash receipt journal and sometimes the Sales journal too.


Thank you,

Im pretty sure its a customized error and could you please help walk me through the customer trial balance, with the net change, beginning balance and ending balance.

Can you be more clear on what you are expecting?

I am expecting for the journal to be posted successfully, i invoiced the customer, they are paying, i apply entries to reference to the invoice and that error pops up.

As you said its a customized validation, how do I know on which condition it is throwing error?

If you are not a partner, Contact the Partner…

Cool, if it were a standard error how could that be any different?