Receipt of a Charge (Item) and Value Entry

Dear all,

my Customer asks me to post a receipt with an Charge (Item) referred to an item.

The request is that the Charge Item should affect the value entry in this moment as expetecd cost.

In standard NAV the charge item affects the value entry only when it is invoiced.

How can resolve this problem?


Hi Davide,

Are you loading the Charge(Item) on the GRN.

Sorry what does GRM mean?

Unfortunately, there is no option to post an item charge as expected cost. Receipt posting for item charge doesn’t do anything. All entries are created only when item charge is invoiced.

Changing this would require a fair amount of customization in codeunits 90 and 22. The best way in this case would be to look if there is any partner solution available.

“Goods Receipt Note” i.e.Posted Purchase receipt in Navision