Recall the PO line cancle

Hi ,

I created the new purchase order with the qty -100 and by mistake cancelled the line ( PO Line - Update line > Deliver remainder - Cancle qty )

Now how can i re call that cancel back ?

Not possible to revert the cancel. One work around is increase the quantity to “200”, so that system assumes out of 200 qty 100 is canceled. Else, create a new line in the same PO.

Give 100 for the deliver remainder and OK, the PO will become an open order again.

Sorry Ameen, I missed that out.

@Kranthi - Thanks for letting this know. Actually for transfer orders the delivery remainder button will grey out once we cancel the delivery remainder. So, I assumed that could be same during the POs.

I checked for PO and it’s working.

Hi Ameen,

Once you cancel a PO, its amount remains sams but the quantity in the lines becomes zero. To activate the same PO, just enter the no of quantities in the lines of the PO.

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Parashar Banerjee.