Rebates for Sales and/or Purchases for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hi All ,

Rebates earned as a result of sales or purchases over a period time**.** As sales or purchases volume increases and hits certain levels, the percentage rebate may increase. Multiple rebate programs can be assigned to customer/vendor(s) and item(s).

Does Standard AX 2009 or 2012 have the functionality of Rebates for Sales and/or Purchases ?

If not what would be the work around in Standard AX ?

Standard AX2012 yes for sales, AX2009 you purchased FullScope. Workaround is generally to modify it to achieve what you require.

What does it mean ? , i did not get your statement .

It is an MDIS, the FullScope Processing add-on had rebates. There were other MDIS that provided the functionality and probably other unsupported ones.

What is the Fullscope add-on called? Having trouble locating any info on it.

It is called Process Distribution and Process Manufacturing. Your issue will be that Microsoft bought FullScope and incorporated it into the base AX2012 software - elements like Formulas, Co/By-Products, Batch Orders, Shelf Life etc never existed previously. I am not sure this is now available for AX2009 users but you would need to ask Microsoft.

We have developed a solution (module) in AX 2012 that can give rebates to customers based on past purchases. We will blog it soon.

Dear Ameen,

Microsoft has release R3 version which gives rebate function for purchase also,

kindly review the same R3 Functionality this will help you much to understand the rebate process for purchase.

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a vendor rebate process in R3 (CU8) for my client, and I can’t work out how to configure a rebate agreement to their requirements.

They want to have an agreement with a supplier whereby they will receive a rebate based on total purchases from that supplier over a period of time. The line breaks will be staggered, i.e spend between £5k & £10k, get 2% back, between £10k & £50k get 4% etc etc. All lines for the supplier have been added to Vendor Rebate Item Group, and the agreement itself is defined against the Rebate item group and the single supplier.

In testing, the rebate is applied at line level, as opposed to an aggregation of lines…i.e. if the cumulated value of purchases of line A is £9k, line B is £4k, line C £4k, line D £4k, a rebate is generated only for 2% of the £9k from line A, as opposed to what I want, which is the aggregation of lines A, B, C & D ( £21k) which should generate a rebate of 4%

Can anyone tell me how to configure the desired outcome correctly?