Real entry date


I am a new NAV 5.0 user.

How can I get real entry date? As I know, user can enter Work date different that today, thus this date can be different than real entering date.

I’ve tried to look in Change Log and there was only some modification logged.

However, I think there should be system date field in any table when entry is made. How can I get this entry date?



the registers is record the sysytem date when entry is made, regardless of what work date you change.

Some have, some don’t.

  • Master data tables (like Customer, Vendor, Item) in general have a field called Last Date Modified which typically contains the system date at the point in time when the user has changed the record.
  • Date fields on Ledger Entry tables (like G/L Entry, Cust. Ledger Entry, Value Entry), like Posting Date, Document Date, …, typically are populated based on the work date at tha point in time
  • Register tables (like G/L Register, Resource Register, Item Register) tyoically have a field called Creation Date holding a date based on system date; from register tables you can ‘reconstruct’ on what real date (i.e. system date) ledger entries have been created.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Regarding the Change Log: it depends on the setup of the Change Log what will/has been logged. If you want to be able to reconstruct which user at what point has been inserting/modifying/deleting data in any table you have to setup the change log functionality to do that.

But DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER as this will give a tremendous overhead on data creation/modification degrading performance (including an unwanted multiplication of data). Youalso should ask yourself (our your customer?) why you really would like to know this and if it is really relevant.

It was Leasing Contract table. It has only “Starting date” that indicates something about entry insertion date.

I was hopping that all NAV/SQL tables has some SystemDate field or smth like that.

Thanks you guy for quick response.

I was talking about “Leasing Contract” table. It has StartingDate which indicates something like that, but I was not shure for that.

After all, I was hopping that all NAV/SQL tables has something like SystemDate field.

Thanks you guy for quick response.