Read files content from server on SAAS

Microsoft has a development for North America to generate some files and saves them into disc.
My problem is that I can not read these files from disc because SAAS does not allow me to use any function that reads file content from disc.
Could someone please help me how to proceed with this issue?
Is there any possibility to read server files on SAAS environment?

My task is to get the content of these files and send them on SharePoint.
Thanks in advance

Please check this

Hi mohana_cse06,
Thank you for your reply.

I saw the video from Erik “Cloud2Disk” but he is explaining what he has done, not ho to do that.


In a SAAS environment, accessing files directly from the server is not allowed due to security reasons. However, there are some ways you can work around this issue.

One possible solution is to use the Web Client API to retrieve the file content from the server and then send it to SharePoint. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Use the Web Client API to call a custom codeunit or page that retrieves the file content from the server.
  2. Serialize the file content to a format such as JSON or XML.
  3. Use SharePoint API to upload the file content to SharePoint.

Another possible solution is to use a third-party connector tool that can integrate with both Business Central and SharePoint. These tools can facilitate the transfer of files between the two systems.