Read data from Access (Automation)

Can anyone to help me access MSA data using Automation?

You should look for the Object model-hierarchy. Then define the automation-variables you’ll need in Navision. Start with a CREATE(autToplevel) of your application-object and look for functions and methods to go to your detailed level. I will need more information for your detailed levels, but with this you can already start, I guess… Greetings, Fozzie

Another option depending on your skill set (ie access background) is to create a DLL using Visual basic and do all th fancy stuff in VB. I personally find it much easier ! bruce

It is indeed easier to create a DLL with VB, but you’ll have to install this DLL on every client. Maybe Windows2000 brings some relief… May the source be with you

I think, deploying the DLL to each Client is a little bit too much work, why don’t you use DCOM and an Applicationserver? This way you reduce the Traffic between Access and Navision Greetings, Marco

… how will the dll be registeres? You will need another dll to enable navision to register dll’s! Anolis Sittard Netherlands