Re-use Check Number

I need to edit details on payment journal voucher in which check is assigned already, but I cannot edit the voucher when check is assigned already (status=sent) and when i tried to change its status to none the check automatically change its status to the bank module to “voided” in which I cannot re-use the check.

Hope anyone can help me on this… thanks…


You can go to Bank Module parameter and mark reuse check box.

Then in the journal you can go to payment status and reuse button will activated. when you click reuse. Payment status comes to none and you can again print the check or made modification in the journal



Ya further adding to this your check number will be same.

Thanks Rajesh, but I don’t have that check box in my bank parameters. when i check with F1, I found out that it has something to do with the configuration to US and CANADA, if the set-up is not configure in that way, is there any other way?

Hi Brian

You must mark configuration key for USA in Administration>Setup>System>Configuration

Go to Country /Regional Specific Feature and mark it. There is no other option at user level

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Thanks rajsh, but when we are trying to do it it requires to synchronize all the tables and we are afraid to proceed because it may affect the customization of our provider.

Hi Brain

Tables must be syncronized and it is important even for the customization. Otherwise there may be inconsistancy. Normally when we customized some funtionality once we syncronize whole AOT to see if there is any inconsistancy. I dont find any issue in syncronizing tables.

But if you are still having doubt just say NO when that message comes and say OK. Reuse functionality will still be visible and workable in AX 2009.

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