RE - Posted journal lines

Dear All,

In AR → Posted journal lines, i cant able to click any button . I am getting an error like this “Journal has already been posted and, consequently, is not open.”.

Can anyone help me in solving this issue?




This is not an error, system is behaving correctly. Posted transactions can’t be edited, thats why system is throwing this message.

Can you be more specific on your requirement?


Hi Pranav,

U r right…v cant edit any fields. But it is not allowing even to take receipt, voucher print out. i mean if i clicked inquiries or print button means i m getting this error.



Hi Madhan,

Have you done any customization on that form. Standard doesn’t throw any error on voucher view or on taking printout. May be you need to debug the root cause.


I get also this error, didn’t done any customization.

Explanation error:

Create inventory adjustment journal. Go to the lines of the journal. Fill in item number, site, warehouse, quantity.

Click on ‘Post’ in the lines form. Journal is posted.

When I close the lines form, the system throws the error because the journal is posted but the record of this journal is still visible in the ‘open’ journals.

When I refresh, record disappears and is now visible in the ‘posted’ journals.

Kindly synchronize your database once.

i noticed this issue when i tried to post the journal lines through code . there are no customizations on this form. i think still there is a lock after the post. and General Journal Form does not show Cross mark … probably synchronize is the answer , but when we release this to production , do we need to ask users to synchronize after every post :slight_smile: