Re-coding Chart of Accounts

We are going to look at re-coding our Chart of Accounts, i.e. changing the account numbers to create more space for future accounts. Has anyone ever done this and do they have any advice? (“Don’t do it” will not be very helpful).

Hi “Don’t do it” [:D]. Perhaps is to add one or two numbers a way: 123456 => 12345600 (Remember: Renaming will take some time [;)]) So you can use your old accounts and you have enough space to create new accounts. Just an idea! bye André

You can decrease time of renaming by creating appropriate temporary keys in the system. As example if you have many G/L entries it will take to long to modify G/L account in the “Bal. Account No.” field. You should create Key that starts with “Bal. Account Type”, “Bal. Account No.”. This will decrease time dramatically.