Raw material reservations corresponding to started quantity of production order in AX 2012 R3 CU11 with WMS

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We are using AX 2012 R3 CU11 with WMS setups in Production orders raw material picking and Finished goods put away work creation setup.

Is there any setup in AX where, we can reserve the production order raw materials only for started quantity only and not for full production order quantity.

We want to reserve and consume the raw materials only corresponding to production output quantity.

As per my knowledge, with respect to reservation setups for production order, i have setup the reservation as “manual” and Release to warehouse as “Allow partial reservation” in Production control parameters.

However when we partially start the production order, the standard AX is reserving the full order quantity raw materials from picking location.

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I believe the reservation setting and the allow partial relate to what is in stock at start, not the quantity started.

In July 2017 The MS Senior Program Manager for Microsoft posted the following:

The core team is working on a feature where raw materials can be released in a batch job. As part of this feature work we are also planning to make it possible for the user to exclude the process of Releasing to warehouse from the Process of releasing the production or batch order. With that capability you would be able to Start the production order, and then release materials (either with the user of the batch job or the Release to warehouse function called from the production order).

Less and less are being backported, I beleive it is now in D365O, but I doubt it will be in AX2012, but you would need to check CU12/13 and ask MS.

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Our requirement is not to stop reservation itself. Because we just wanted to consume the raw material at the time of Production order RAF posting based on flushing principle (Finish).

However as in WMS the standard AX is reserving the raw materials for full production order quantity. Because of the common raw materials used in another production order, user will not be able to post second Production order RAF journal.

Thats why i was thinking if we can restrict standard AX to reserve raw materials either for production order started quantity or RAF quantity.

Can you suggest any standard setup or workaround in AX 2012 R3 CU11. If not suggest possible customization approach.


Nitin Patel

I dont believe there is any standard setup, your work around could be to not reserve and manually reserve piece by piece if possible? You would need to customise and the approach really depends upon your process and controls, but you ultimately know what you require.