Raw material Required against Production

I have two locations A , B .

A is the raw materila location . B is Prodcution location.

When the material is required we will use transfer order.

s o stores person send rawmaterial against production order qty.

But while running the production order i need some more rawmaterial.

So how to do This in navision.

That means i need some more rawmateials against this production order.

isa ther any standard report availble in Nvision.

Please sahre your vluable experience.


I’m also facing the same issue…If anybody knows the solution please help…

Why do you need more? If the stock is wrong adjust the stock and planning will suggest a transfer order. If it is incorrectly designed or items are srcapped and you need more then adjust the components against the BOM and planning should pick this up, if it is a design issue alter the BOM, or arguably di it if it is scrap on a BOM.


It seems to me that you are doing this the hard way. What I would do is consume materials directly from location A and produce directly in location B.

As for your case (as far as I have understood) - you might want to look at Manufacturing > Execution > Reports > Production order Shortage list & Production Order Material Requisition. The other thing is you can use the built-in planning features for Manufacturing - try Manufacturing > Planning > Order planning.

I guess that your transfers are parcial, that’s why you have to do another transfer later on, so you need a report that indicates Qty Pending… As Borislav said, you may try with Master Planing.

is this it? if so… i’m facing similar issue regarding reservation:

we are working with batchs for raw materials and I need to register consumptions autom. In order to acheive this I nedd items to be reserved por this PO… Am I right? If so… the I shoul do the reservation manualy… I understand this it’s done from de BOM Form in the PO Details… but this is not too handy … any tips?