radio button and group

i am not using any table

using radio button with two items and 2 groups one is containg username and password and login button while other is containing 2 buttons

and i want if one radio button is checked the first group will be visible while the other group containg 1 buttons will be invisible and vise versa

please tell me as soon as possible

And what part don’t you understand? Just few hints:

  • You can get value from FormRadioControl by calling selection() method.
  • Hide controls by calling visible(false) on them.

can you please explain me with example i am not getting , i tried it though

i have not created any dialo , i have created form and in that i have given two groups and and one radio button

and using radio button value , i am trying to provide visiblity functionality on groups


In ax 2012 ,in tutorial form this type of scenario explained.

Pls go through that “tutorial_Form_groupOption” in that Radio button option.

i think it might be helpful…

Hi RG,

Do 1 thing, write a method where u specify conditional statement like if-else or switch-case.

For the 1st case, if(radiobutton1 == True) { group 2nd visible(false) }

For the 1st case, if(radiobutton2 == True) { group 1st visible(false) }

this will surely work out in your form, if not please let me know.