R322 - Aged Accounts Payable - Returns documents more than once for different vendors?


Sorry to have been away - I’m afraid that life has been very busy recently!

One of our clients has reported the following issue. They are running Report 322 - Aged Accounts Payable. When they look at the report with the detailed option switched on, one or two of the Vendor Ledger Entries appear more than once on the report and under different vendors…

When you look at the Vendor Ledger Entries there is only one entry, with the one document number, but the report is displaying them more than once and under vendors that it does not apply to.

I have checked the usual things, like Buy-from Vendor and Pay-to Vendor, but these are the same.

Both the report and the Vendor Ledger Entry table are unmodified. The client is running SE 4.00 Sp2 (Sweden) with a SQL back end.

I am not sure what could be causing this, so I thought I would check to see if this is a known issue and if anyone has encountered this before.

Many thanks in advance!

Is this a converted/upgraded database. I am seeing a similar (not the same just similar) isssue with Receivables on a database that was just upgraded from 370

Hello David,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunatley this is a new implementaion that has only been running a month or two and not an upgrade.

Thanks anyway.

There is a bug in report 322 and also in report 120, the issue seems to be pre-sp2 but I checked and is still there in SP2. There is a KB article on partnersource describing how to fix it: