QUOM QTY Field update from SALESPARMLINE table to WmsorderTransTable TABLE

I have created a new field QUOMQty in salesparmline (table) and WmsorderTransTable.

I want to populate a QUOMQty value from salesparmline into WMSorderTrans QUOMQty field when I do picking list posting.

I tried applying breakpoint in SalesFormLetter_pickingList class, WmsorderTrans (Updateshipment) method.

Breakpoint doesnt seems to be working here.

Can anybody tell me how and where to write the code, so that the I get the value in wmsordertrans table from salesparmline.

Try putting debugger in Tables\WMSOrderTrans\Methods\insertOrUpdate. WMSOrderTrans insertion/updation is at following place: Tables\WMSOrder\Methods\updateShipment.

Thank you. Vishal. But debugger is not stopping at the break point. Can you suggest me some of the place where I can write a code for the updating.