Quick Address Postcode Software

Hello, I’m trying to use the Quick Address Pro software from QAS Ltd with Navision Financials. Has anyone had any experience with this that could give me some pointers? I can get the software to restore/minimize, using the shell command with the appropriate parameters, but I am unable to pass it a postcode to search with. I am also unable to use any of the supplied .dll files through Navision’s Custom Controls table. thanks… ------------------------ Glenn Hudson Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net

we use QAS for a couple of customers and the solution we found was to write an OCX to interface Navision to QAS. Paul Baxter

I have run in in a demo mode and had no issues - no integration required. The agents toggled to the Quick Address (opened it up) to type in the address information and then (after proper setup of the QA software) populates the fields. As long as you are at the first field that you want to begin populating before you toggle, it is simple.