queue time???

Hi All, How should we post queue time in the NM? We can plan production orders with queue time (wait and move time), but how can we post and get information about real queue time in each work center? If I understand we can post only Setup and Run Time. Is it true? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, Queue time is for planning and scheduling only. I think it would be a little difficult to actually analyze how long a job was in queue. You would have to take the difference between the date/time the output was posted from the previous operation and the date/time the output was posted from the current operation minus the setup/run time from the current operation (assuming the posting was done as soon as the actual production was run). Another way outside of Navision would be to time stamp the material when it comes into an operation and time stamp it when the work actually starts. Bob Bergman, CPIM, CDP Manufacturing Specialist Aston IT Group rbergman@frontline-us.com

Hi, To analyze the Queue time is one of the biggest problems for Job Shop companies. In reality one of our client has Queue time about 95-99% of manufacturing lead-time and the main task is decrease this time. I think I will develop additional functionality for record this time stamps. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.